We know how challenging it is for local government to work with local businesses, food outlets in particular, to transition away from single-use plastic take-away options.

We also know that to address litter and waste in our waterways, we need to start here, at the source; connecting businesses with avenues to replace single-use plastics with reusables and with suppliers who can provide eco-friendly options.


Items we target: 

  1. Coffee Cups

  2. Straws

  3. Take-Away Containers

  4. Cutlery 

  5. Bags

Who we work with

Local Council: After consulting with the Sustainability Coordinator in council we are able to formulate a tailored approach that will understand and address the challenges your community and businesses are facing. Depending on the scale of the program it could extend from one month to twelve months.  


Since 2015 we have been engaging local businesses to take the plastic-free pledge alongside the Seaside Scavenge events. This has enabled us to grow a bank of materials and know-how to engage businesses at a time that suits them with the issue.

More recently we have worked with local governments, such as Eurobodalla Shire Council, to establish a rewards system for local businesses to be recognised by their community. This has aligned with an education campaign for customers throughout the community to be more aware of how their food comes packaged. 

See program success here: We Care Eurobodalla.

See Case Study of We Care Eurobodalla program here.