Teignmouth, UK *Spring Into Scavenge*

“43 people signed up, but actually many more were involved – often only one person registered for the form for a whole group of beach cleaners. We also had lots of other people attend the event to see the music and to get involved in the recycled arts and crafts, even if they didn’t want to do the litter picking. We didn’t do a total count up of litter, but it was 2 green council bins full of landfill, a large crate of each recycling category (hard plastics, metals and glass -we had two crates of this category actually-, cardboard), and HUNDREDS of cigarette butts. The whole surrounding area and beach was visibly cleaner after the event!

I genuinely can’t believe how well it went. People were so enthused and excited to join in. It ran completely smoothly, the only issue being that maybe it was TOO busy! So, I’m very pleased with the success of the day. Everyone is asking when the next one will be, and it looks like we might be able to have more of a team to organise any future ones (instead of it being only me by myself, which honestly has been a bit intense haha).

Some councillors came along to speak to me as they loved the idea and wanted to know how we could collaborate in the future and if I need any help with any more projects. The local paper took some photos and will write an article. I was asked to write one before the event too (see photo attached).”

Alice Middleton, Seaside Scavenge Event Coordinator UK

Anna Jane LinkeTeignmouth