Oatley Park (NSW) *Spring Into Scavenge*

As someone with little to no event organising experience, hosting a Spring into Scavenge event seemed like a wild idea. Something to push me out of my comfort zone, which at times it definitely did. But when the 14th of September finally rolled around the corner, I remembered how I felt when I first contacted Seaside Scavenge to be a Scavenge host; excited, passionate and ready for anything.

My Scavenge at Oatley Park was definitely on the smaller side compared to other Scavenge's with just over 30 participants. But all the participants were super keen to sort rubbish, check out our wonderful donated market stalls and chill out listening to our live tunes in the beautiful area near the Jewfish Bay Baths. The most rewarding parts were seeing how fascinated all the kids were about the different kinds of rubbish we had found and teaching them about plastic pollution in the process.

What was removed from Georges River:

- Over 30 participants

- 1239 pieces of rubbish total or 5.45kg in total

- 405 cigarette butts or 50g

- 482.5 pieces of hard plastic, 198 pieces of soft plastic or 2.72kg of plastic overall

- items like tv parts, plants in plastic pots, soft toys and tennis balls found as well

- estimate weight of donated items (clothes, shoes, toys, knick-knacks, etc) 30kg

- my friend Liz saved a crab trapped inside a plastic bag! (See pics)

Speaking with our lucky prize winners as well has cemented how successful the event really was as they all want to sign up for a mailing list on future events! Which is exactly what I hoped to get out of the day. Big shout out to AJ for all her wisdom and guidance, my amazing friends/awesome volunteer team and to Josh & everyone from Georges River Council for being so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process! See you all again soon!

Jessica Dick, Seaside Scavenge Coordinator Oatley Park

Anna Jane Linke