Cottelsoe (WA) *Spring Into Scavenge*

Well done Cottesloe!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Spring into Scavenge - Perth on 12th October. Together, you picked up an awesome 50.8kg of trash, which was made up of 35.7kg of general waste and 15.1kg of recycling. Within that, there was a grand total of 1201 cigarette butts, 604 pieces of soft plastic and 999 pieces of hard plastic! What an amazing effort.

Thank you to Cottesloe Council for their enthusiasm and support. This Scavenge was our 50th event?? and our 7th event held in WA?? . The Cottesloe Scavenge was a real success with lots of kids and families attending and a really positive response to the even from the local community.

We had 90 participants and 17 volunteers on the beach. It was interesting for us to see that in Cottesloe there were a lot of microplastics, cigarette butts and single-use plastic items (especially small red ice cream spoons) from the nearby shops and cafes.

Out of our 90 participants, 66% had never participated in a beach clean before which is much less than the usual 90% that we get at some of our events. This shows us that Cottesloe is an engaged community that are already getting involved in looking after their local environment. Great work Cottesloe!

Nicolette Neveu, Seaside Scavenge Event Coordinator Perth

Anna Jane Linkecottesloe