Gold Coast Scavenge

Back in 2016, we hit the Gold Coast for the first time as part of a string of Scavenges for our inaugural East-Coast tour. So, it was with a serious amount of stoke that we set up at Rainbow Bay on the first day of Spring alongside Boomerang Bags and Plastic Pollution Solutions, as part of the third Travelling Trash Troupe!

Throughout the week of the Travelling Trash Troupe we held film screenings, school presentations and sewing bees which all focused on raising waste awareness. The day of the Scavenge began with a free yoga class hosted by the local Lulu Lemon ladies, Jen and Lindsay.

The scavenging action kicked off at 10am with Councillor Gail O’Neil acknowledging the Indigenous significance of the land we were working on. Sean Fitzgerald from East of Eden then took the stage to treat us to his musical talents.

Throughout the day we heard from passionate local eco-warriors such as Greg from Surfrider, Marie from Positive Change for Marine Life and Caitlin and Suzette from who all discussed waste, where it goes and what we can do individually to make a positive impact.

On Saturday 2,427 butts were collected which, like the amount of litter picked up, was on the smaller side to what we normally get. 69kg in total, 20kg of which was recyclable. The majority of litter collected was smaller plastic remnant pieces- we hope this is a reflection of a clean community. Nice one Coolangatta!

We were stoked to realise that the majority of participants were below the age of 10! Many of them came back again and again. Keira, aged 5, who scavenged the most litter of the day with 322 pieces has scored a double pass to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Angie and Tay also scored a double pass to the Wildlife Sanctuary with their epic butt haul of 350! We collected 88 straws throughout the Scavenge, most of which were collected by Neve with 10 straws and has scored a $90 voucher to Jala Yoga.

Lastly, we think it has to be the tube of KY Jelly that has ticked the odd box. Emma was the lucky one to uncover this and has scored a voucher to iFly, valued at $99. 

Throughout the day Boomerang Bags legends Tania and Jordyn had a stall sewing patches onto upcycled fabric bags at one or two trash tokens a pop. Anthony gave us some fierce plastic heads and tales trivia with Patagonia hats up for grabs.

Another awesome edition was the Carabean Coffee Cart, who came down with their funky caravan and sold delicious chai and coffee to us all day long. Thanks to our borrow and return wall of mugs we were also able to keep it 100% zero waste!

The good vibes kept flowing with George Hodges and Luke Bennett.  A massive shout out to the GRREEEEN TEAM volunteers (most of whom came from SIlkwood school) who kept it all running like a well-oiled machine and to City of Gold Coast Council for funding this event.


Anna Jane Linke