Cockburn Seaside Scavenge

We were stoked that the sun decided to bless us with her presence on Saturday, rather than casting down the forecast hail and rain! As such, we had a great day of scavenging at Omeo Park with over 80 people coming down to collect 148kg of litter including 1,282 cigarette butts!


The Scavenge kicked off with an acknowledgment of the Noongar Aboriginal people whose land we were scavenging on by Mayor Logan Howlett, and we soon launched into the clean-up alongside the live tunes of local musos Grace Armstrong, Racoo and Anthony Lloyd.


With the support of City of Cockburn we had scavengers scouring far and wide for litter and unfortunately there was no shortage of it. A lot of fishing gear, wire, hooks, glow-sticks, ropes and lures were pulled in from the rock wall, as well as a lot of soft plastic packaging in the sand dunes behind the beach.


Upwards of 6,078 pieces of litter was collected. 346 pieces was collected by Ronnie who has scored the Coogee Beach Fitness Club 3 month pass valued at $196 as well as a family waterslide pass to the Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre (ARC)!


On Saturday we had a spread of local marine and green organisations sharing their story to conserve the local environment of the west coast. These groups host regular events around Perth and are looking for hands to help them achieve their missions.


A massive thanks to Sea Shepherd Perth, Plastic-Free July Foundation and Protect Ningaloo for doing all that they do and taking the time to come along to the Scavenge to inspire everyone!


Although it’s important to clean-up our coastline, what’s more important is stopping litter at its source. This starts with not purchasing or using the items in the first place. Thanks to Maxine from the EcoShop and Isabelle from Plastic-Free July we had awesome displays on just how to do this.


What we loved about Saturday was having local coffee creators, Pedaling Beans serving up scrumptious, frothy coffees in reusable Go2Cups! Participants were rewarded with a 50cent discount for 20 pieces of litter and didn’t have to worry about using a single-use coffee cup (which aren’t recyclable). Instead they grabbed a hard-plastic Go2Cup and once finished placed it in designated bin which was later collected for washing!


Nothing better than seeing these alternative services cropping up around the place! Get on board guys, carry a cup and if you can’t remember, train yourself by not allowing yourself a coffee without one… You’ll see the habit will sink in quickly!


We gave away three beautiful Fishermans Daughter baskets crafted from scavenged rope. These went to scavengers who collected the most butts, straws and the weirdest item. We had some very dedicated souls out there on the butt hunt!


As usual some odd stuff came rolling through the sorting station thanks to our dedicated scavengers. This time, we had the interior of two car doors found in the bushes by Bray and a few others… Nice work mate you’ve scored one of these baskets and a family ARC voucher.

We’re flushed with gratitude to the Cockburn community who have showed us just how green their thumbs are. All in all we received over 227kg of pre-loved clothes, books, toys and more. There’s no way we could have collected all of it without the overwhelming support from the Cockburn libraries and head librarian Cherie.

So THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making Saturday an epic success, it wouldn’t have come together with out all your efforts!


Anna Jane Linke