Fremantle Scavenge

The beginnings of the Perth Scavenge were everything we could’ve asked for; bustling scavengers, stacks of local businesses on board and most of all, fantastically talented musicians! Thanks to funding from Taronga Zoo this was the first of our Perth Chapter, and we’re grateful for the support provided by City of Freo and Mayor Brad Pettitt who came down to open the Scavenge.

On Saturday not only could our dedicated scavengers exchange their trash tokens for over 177kg of donated clothing, toys and books, but for 20 pieces of litter they could get a creamy coffee from The Orange Box Café or a thirst quenching cold one from COAST Port Beach.

As in most places the locals tell us that their beach is spotless. But in 4 hours we still managed to pull in 105.25kg of trash from the dunes, the carparks and paths surrounding the beach.

We must admit on the butt front, there was surprisingly less than usual! 606 butts too many but compared to previous events, it was almost half! A quarter of these were collected by one person – Matt – who has scored an Intro pack to The Pilates Lab.

As usual we had road works signage, underwear of all descriptions and goggles galore found, but the strangest by far was a rusted out Clydsdale horse-shoe! Shout out to Jasmine and her crew for their historic find, we hope you stretch out with your 5-class pass to the Home of Yoga.

There was some seriously solid scavenging going on between the 94 people who registered. Some found just enough to buy a book and others could have bought the whole shop! Alex was one of the later, collecting 419 pieces and taking home the 4 week unlimited pass to Core Fitness.

The line-up of local musicians was world class with Michael Dunstan kicking us off followed by Jordy Maxwell, then Riley Pearce drew the crowd in, to be wrapped up by Nik Martino. The music is what makes the Scavenge, so thanks to these musicians for taking time to come down and treat us to their talents!

Not only did we have them to listen to all day long, we were further inspired with talks and stalls from local change makers Marina from Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Perth, Kate and Kester from Protect Ningaloo, Alison from Tangaroa Blue, Linda from Keep Australia Beautiful and Rebecca from Plastic-Free July.

As Rebecca said clean-ups are important but what we need to do is target the litter at the source, and this means not using it in the first place. So we were very proud to have 5 local businesses taking the Plastic-Free Pledge against plastic forks, straws and more for the month of November:

-       Orange Box Café

-       Pigg & Co

-       Bib & Tucker

-       Mojos Bar

-       Ohana Açai Bar

Straws are a big one for us, as they’re really not necessary unless you have trouble drinking from a cup. We find stacks of them on the beach. Freo was no different with 84 of varying colours and shapes coming through the sorting station. Tarzan was out all day and collected 17 of these scoring a $75 voucher to La Sosta.

A massive shout-out to Bitches Brew Picture Framing and WA Fishing Industries Council for collecting all the clothes donations and to all the people who cleared their cupboards.  It’s not just plastic waste that we’re talking about, textiles makes up a huge portion of the waste stream.

So as we push into this consumer-saturated time of year lets keep in mind that most people don’t need more stuff. Be creative, make your gifts, they’re so much more valuable with that little bit of love.   

Well done Freo! Everyone said we would love scouring your shores and we sure did!