The Coogee Scavenge

Even the gloomy weather couldn't dull our mood! We had beautiful beats played out by Licorice Gypsy as well as a sweep of talented beings from the crowd who got everyone on their feet.

It was a great effort pulling 1103 cigarette butts off the beach as well as 617 bottle-tops and hundreds of pieces of wrappers and food packaging - totalling some 368L of recyclables and 186L of non-recyclables

Countless clothes were traded and many-a-good time had... thanks y'all!

Woah... What an epic day that was! Not only did we have the best muso in town, Majun Bu blending bangin' beats for us, but we managed to do an awesome haul of trash!

Over the afternoon we picked up 726 cigarette butts - saving some 36,300L of water from being contaminated with cigarette toxins - 133 glass bottles, 130 bottle tops, 282 cardboard pieces... all up we pulled 3,140 pieces of litter off the beach... not a bad haul!

Anna Jane Linke