We're looking for:

  • MUSICIANS of the laid-back variety. Either solo or duo acts. To keep the crowd tappin' their toes & create those friendly vibes during the events for a 45-min set. Potentially a paid gig depending on current funding.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERS to share alternatives to single-use plastics, knowledge of their impact on our marine environment and focus attention on the impact of the fast-fashion industry in a 10 minute talk to participants.

  • WORKSHOP FACILITATORS to run an inspiring up-cycling workshops like the
    no-sew reusable bag workshop that is short and sweet. Open to all ages and needs no more than 30 minutes to run.

Get in touch if you've got some skills to add to our Scavenge shenanigans. Include in the message: 

  • Where you're located,

  • What you have to offer

  • Why you want to share it with us Scavengers!

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