Help us reach our mission and save the stomachs of innocent marine and birds species from single-use plastics!

Seaside Scavenge is unique.

Over 90% of participants surveyed at the Seaside Scavenge have never previously attended a cleanup event. 

We make picking up litter fun, and we need your help to keep spreading these good vibes...

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At an average SS event, we pick up approximately 114kgs of litter that is equivalent of reducing 69 tonnes of CO2 emissions, or permanently removing 17 cars from the roads per event.

On average $20 will remove 276kg of CO2 emissions!

This does not take into account the benefits for marine flora and fauna by removing litter from the marine environment.

Your donation will help us achieve our 2020 mission to:

  • Remove 10-tonnes of litter from the environment
  • Engage 5,000 participants to pick-up litter at Seaside Scavenge events
  • Establish a Seaside Scavenge chapter in every state and territory of Australia and host one international event
Donate now

Seaside Scavenge is currently in the process of receiving Tax Deductible Status. If this is of interest to you we will be able to confirm by May 2018. All donations over $2 will be tax deductible.