“Being green” was once a tick-the-box exercise amongst Australian businesses. Now, sustainability and a targeted approach to educate employees about environmental impacts and solutions is a high priority. 

Four out of five Australian businesses want to meet common industry standards for sustainability and one quarter are altering their supply chains to be more environmentally responsible, according to a survey of 200 Australian business leaders from HSBC in August 2018.

Although it is a priority, many small to medium businesses lack the ability in-house to empower each employee to play a leading role in promoting environmental activities.  According to a Planet Ark Business Recycling Report, “SMEs account for 99.7% of all businesses [in Australia]… contributing some 6.5 million tonnes of business waste nationally to landfill every year.”

KPMG corporate clean-up at Balmoral Beach 2018

KPMG corporate clean-up at Balmoral Beach 2018

Seaside Scavenge is an established and reputable waterway clean up and sustainability initiative which has been empowering individuals and the community since 2015. We provide services to empower corporate leaders with the opportunity to bridge the gap between employees and in-house waste reduction methods in a fun and educational series of tailored workshops.

Our workshops form the building blocks for behaviour change around waste separation in corporate environments, provide practical solutions to single-use products and create a shared responsibility amongst colleagues to champion waste reduction in the workplace. 

We will work closely with your HR-department prior to the workshops to establish the exact needs of the company and the troubles being faced around employee engagement with company sustainability principles. 

See PDF for more details of workshops to be tailored.