Cultivating the Future of Urban Space

There’s a building tucked away in the city that has developed a unique farming experience for everyone to enjoy. A quaint little space off Kent Street that is bursting with life and ideas. Step away from the dreary grey skyline of the concrete jungle and enter a haven of micro-greens. 

Cultivate: a new take on urban farming.

Farming? In the city? It’s happening here. Small, edible plants are set out in aquaponics systems, decorating the walls of the Cultivate space with splashes of green. 

As an intern with the non-profit organisation, Seaside Scavenge - a group dedicated to empowering the community to realise a cleaner world - Cultivate provides not only an inspiring space to work but a fascinating demonstration of localised sustainable farming. Surrounded by trays of microgreens under UV lights is a real reminder of what we can achieve in the most unlikely of spaces.

Enter Farmwall, the agri-tech start-up making waves in the urban farming scene. Voted in the Australian Financial Reviews top 10 most innovative property companies, Farmwall sets up scalable urban farming solutions in spaces across cities as part of an initiative to reimagine the future of urban spaces, such as the set-up at Cultivate.

On top of that Farmwall has just won sustainability supplier of the year for Westpac out of 30,000 suppliers.

Farmwall partners with the real estate profile Mirvac to gain more traction. Redefining urban living with future-conscious plans, Mirvac takes action by recycling up to 95% of construction waste, and enabling groups with sustainability in mind. Farmwall takes this opportunity to bring communities in to see how they can activate their space in the workplace with vertical shelves of microgreens, all fueled by aquaponics.

Powered by Westpac and Mirvac, Farmwall engineered the Cultivate space to educate and inspire those who visit to think about the possibility of urban farming, and even consider what they consume at home. The aquaponics in place can be implemented in many underutilised spaces across the city, furthering the urban farming opportunities. Where could you put yours?

A collaboration between big business and start-ups like Farmwall enable such ideas to flourish and reach more people! Distinct from the city surrounds, Cultivate provides a creative space for us, on the Scavenge team to work, share ideas and continue on our mission to clean up the ocean.

Cultivate is only here until the end of September, so think fast and come on down to see the future of urban farming!

Joshua Holliday