The First Urban Scavenge!

Saturday the 21st of September 2019 saw Seaside Scavenge take to the city for the first urban scavenge at Redfern Park. Eve White from Wandana opened up the day with a “Connection To Country” at 9 am followed by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Councillor Jess Miller from City of Sydney council.

The Redfern Cityside Scavenge was a day after the Global Climate Strike and that ended up being great! It gave the community something positive to do after all the craziness of the strike. Despite a week of rain, the weather cleared for the strike on Friday and it stayed clear for us all weekend!

We cleaned up a massive 257.8kg of litter from the park and other areas around Redfern. There were over 3,000 cigarette butts picked up as well as plenty of microplastics and small foil packagings. We picked up a grand total of 8,573 pieces of litter and redistributed 51.2kg of preloved clothes, books and toys.

The Redfern Cityside Scavenge Scavenge engaged 66 participants although it felt like a lot more as there were plenty of people enjoying the days activities as well as 10 volunteers, a massive 7 community groups and 3 local musicians.

Only 64.9% of participants had never been to clean up before which is a lot lower than the usual 80% we’re used to seeing. This shows us the people in Redfern who came down to help out are moderately engaged and aware of environmental issues.

Wandana held space for an aboriginal arts and crafts circle. Solar Analytics, Boomerang Bags and the Redfern Community Shed held information stalls and YARN Australia held a cross cultural yarn.

We had some activist groups with us for this event which is something new for us. The Stop Adani team held an info stall and Extinction Rebellion held activities in the park including face painting and hula hooping which helped to create the fun, family-friendly vibe.

Huge, huge thanks to all our committed Seaside Scavenge volunteers for offering their time to help clean the park. We couldn’t have done it without you.

This was our 60th Scavenge  and it was also World Clean Up day! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate than with the local community that surrounds us in Sydney.

Last but not least, here are the prize winners for the Redfern Cityside Scavenge:

Most Litter picked up went to Caterina & the team from AIME with 984 pieces of trash.

Most Cigarette Butts picked up went to Emily with 350 cigarette butts.

Most Coffee Cups went to Isaac with 13 coffee cups.

Most Straws went to Luna with 11 straws.

Weirdest Item went to Drew with the pressure gun.

To everyone that participated, we hope you’re enjoying your new, yet pre-loved items purchased with your trash tokens! The second-hand market is a core element of the Scavenge, as it’s about reducing waste on all levels. HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their goods!

Seaside Scavenge wants to plant a seed of environmental nurturing in you. This involves thinking beyond waterway litter and focusing on litter prevention. In short - create less waste. Be creative and think of all the different ways you could cut down on your own consumption.

If you want to be more involved with what we do here at the Scavenge you can get in touch about organising a corporate workshop, school talks or university presentations. Here’s the link to contact us.

We love hearing from you. We’re always looking for volunteers & donations as well so please don’t be shy! Send us a message to find out more.

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Joshua Holliday