Feature Article - WELL DONE Teignmouth!

Ali from the UK runs through her Spring Into Scavenge event.

“Teignmouth’s first Scavenge was a brilliant success – thanks to the vibrant community and event team.

This being the first event I’ve ever organised, I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received and the enthusiasm of all involved. After a lot of hard work, organisation and maybe a little anxiety… this made it all worth it.

What I loved most about the day was that all groups of people wanted to join in; creating an inclusive and bubbly atmosphere throughout the day. Both children and adults were equally excited about the prospect of cleaning up the beach.

Leading up to the event, one of the main challenges for me was keeping up the momentum and engagement with stakeholders, as relationships needed to be formed and maintained over a period of a few months. As I rarely use social media in my personal life, remembering to regularly promote the event to keep it in public view was difficult, but a great thing to learn about.

Before the day of the event, I hadn’t particularly thought about the fact that I was the one in charge, and would have to tell people what to do. This didn’t come naturally to me! However, once the volunteers had been briefed initially, everyone used their initiative and did a perfect job, enabling the event to run smoothly – so much more smoothly than I could have hoped for!

There were no issues throughout the day, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and this was all thanks to having such an amazing team.

We were very lucky to run the Scavenge at T.A.A.G Art and Community Centre in Teignmouth, which is a lovely venue and art gallery, and a space for many community projects.

The Seaside Scavenge event ran alongside an exhibition by local artists, which focused on the use of recycled materials in their work. TRAIL (Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape) helped with the event, which coincided with the 15th anniversary of their wonderful sculpture trail of recycled art.

It was great to see so many people enjoying the music of the local musicians who joined us on the day, and getting involved in the recycled art workshop. In the end, we didn’t do a total count up of the litter collected, but it was impressive! The most noticeable thing was that HUNDREDS of cigarette butts were found, which highlights an issue with their disposal. The beach and whole surrounding area was visibly cleaner after the event.

I’ve had many questions about when the next Seaside Scavenge will be in Teignmouth, so perhaps it’s started a new tradition here! This showed the huge success of the day and how much drive there is within the local community to care for our environment, as well as each other.”

Joshua Holliday