50+ Scavenges later, now what?

I never planned for Seaside Scavenge to get to this point. Thinking back to those days in late 2014, brainstorming fun ideas to pick up trash and exchange clothes, I would’ve never predicted five years down the track we’d have a movement that resonated with people across the globe.


Since then, 53 Scavenges have taken place at 37 communities dotted along coasts, lakes, rivers and creeks across Australia and the globe. The Scavenge has inspired over 5,785 participants to remove 10,850kg of litter and 162,142 cigarette butts from the waterways as well as redistribute 7,931kg of second-hand goods.


The success of the Scavenge is a result of many hours of organising, grant-writing, endless online promotion but, most importantly, collaboration. For those of you that have attended a Scavenge, you know that it is a product of many hands and minds contributing to create a unique experience that reduces ocean pollution.


The breadth and depth of organisations working across Australia to address marine debris pollution is something in itself to be proud of. We can thank them all; Take 3, Surfrider, Responsible Cafés, Boomerang Bags and the long list of others, for the fact that plastic pollution has now become a widely discussed issue.


So, where to from here?


For Seaside Scavenge, we’ve decided to open-source the program so that individuals and groups can harness the positive power of the litter currency concept locally to influence change. Through the pilot program; Spring Into Scavenge, we’re supporting six individuals from Australia to Cape Town and the UK to run their own Scavenge this September.   


Next year, we’re planning for 30 groups! So for anyone keen to get their own Scavenge happening to empower and activate their local community to be conscious consumers then that’s your chance. Find out more here.


Employees, CEO’s, managers don’t worry we haven’t dropped the ball on continuing the waste-less opportunities for corporates and businesses. We want to curb the connotation that corporate life is synonymous with convenience culture, so we’ll still be continuing our off and on-site waste education and team building opportunities that create office waste warriors.


We’ve also decided to re-boot the Seaside Scavenge with a stronger emphasis on community and business engagement, waste workshops and local government waste consultancy. This reflects our view that to curb the damages plastic and excess waste are creating for society we must go beyond picking up litter.


In 2020, we’ll be rolling back the number of Scavenges we host. Our aim is to do less but make them bigger and better zero-waste events to:


  • Creatively harness the power of DIY waste-less workshops;

  • Showcase a variety of streams that create viable circular economies for our textile and plastic waste products;

  • Combine efforts of active waste, community and waterway groups around Australia to create resilient and lasting change


So whilst it means there’ll be less opportunities to get your Scavenge on, it also means you’ll get a whole lot more out of them. So keep your eyes peeled for 2020 postings – you won’t want to miss them!


If you want to be involved in the solution to plastic and textile waste, we’re always welcoming more hands and minds, so please get in touch with us here.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer but feel your $$ are well vested with us, then donate, for as little as $3 a month you can keep this groundswell moving far and wide!

Anna Jane LinkeSydney