Cleaning Up With Google!

Seaside Scavenge spent the day with some ‘Googlers’ from the Google office in Pyrmont, Sydney

The Googlers joined us at Little Manly as part of their Google Serve program to help us clean up the cove last Wednesday the 10th of July.

The clean was short but sweet. In just one hour we managed to remove over 1,600 cigarette butts, 1,096 bits of soft plastic, 401 bits of hard plastics and 45 plastic straws.

It was a first clean up for all the Googlers involved and they were shocked by the sheer volume of small pieces of plastic on the beach. 

This kind of litter often goes unnoticed. It’s not until you’re down there eyes wide open that we realise just how many colourful little pieces there are.

Speaking of colour. Those little red lids that belong to the soy fish, you know the ones. They were everywhere! We counted upwards of 30.

Even though Manly might seem like a clean, aware community, it’s important to remember that all our waterways are connected and area like this face the same litter  issues as any other. 

Obviously, picking up litter is important, but there are many solutions to address waste proliferation. That starts with you and what you purchase: 

  • Using Who Gives A Crap toilet paper that’s wrapped in paper as opposed to a plastic film

  • Only buying what fruit and veg you need at the shops and taking your reusable bags

  • Training yourself to carry a reusable coffee cup by denying yourself a coffee if you don’t have one is the best way!

  • Using alternatives to single-use plastic such as beeswax wraps to replace cling-wrap

  • Organising zero waste picnics or work meetings where all food is minimally wrapped

  • Separating plastics and recycling properly to avoid bin contamination

Huge thanks to the team at Google who made the effort to connect and protect the natural environment in which we all live. The team at Seaside Scavenge look forward to working with you again!

Joshua Holliday