What a beautiful community that you have Ulladulla, we’re so grateful that you let us come down and spend the day with you all. Wasn’t it a beautiful day as well!? The sun was shining, the sky was beautiful and blue and the ocean was looking majestic.

On Saturday the 15th June, we cleaned up a massive 443.9kg of litter from the Ulladulla Harbour and it’s surrounding areas. That included 38kg of recycling, 132.5kg of waste and a huge 273.4kg of odd items like a TV, a few old tyres, 5 shopping trolleys and some old signage.

We couldn’t have done this on our own. There were 204 participants, 13 volunteers, 6 community groups, 4 musicians, 7 local businesses, 2 food vans, 1 council and 1 awesome MC that made the Scavenge such a great day!

The Shoalhaven City Council supported Seaside Scavenge in setting up the Ulladulla event and we’re super grateful for Fiona and the dedicated team that we got to work with every step along the way.

Anthony Hill from Plastic Pollution Solutions was our epic MC for the day and he did a great job keeping the energy up for the crowd.

We had several community groups in the harbour with us and they were Take3, Boomerang Bags, Fair Food Forager, Earth Bottles, South Coast Shore Birds and Slowfood South Coast. Two food vans were feeding all the hungry scavengers. They were Mirritya Mundya and Berry Ice Cream. Massive thanks to all these legends for successfully collaborating on this event. We hope to work with all of you again next year!

Huge, huge thanks to all our committed Seaside Scavenge volunteers for offering their time to help clean the harbour. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks team.

The Seaside Scavenge removed thousands of cigarette butts, thousands of small soft and hard plastics and a lot of rope! As well as a lot of really big items like old trolleys, old tyres and even a TV! We found this really interesting as some of the community mentioned we might not find a lot of rubbish around the harbour. 443.9kg proves that, in fact, there was a lot of rubbish around.

Ulladulla was super lucky to have the amazing Monica Mudge from Tidal Yoga Milton host a beautiful morning yoga class which set the vibe for the day. After that we had truly humbling Welcome To Country delivered by Dwayne from Mirritya Mundya. The rest of the day had the Seaside Scavenge serenaded by 4 amazing musicians. First up we had a special guest performance from aussie blues legend, Ash Grunwald then we had a number of local legends from around Ulladulla. Sophie Nowlan performed the second set for the day which was then followed by Mark from Ekko and Nathan Cooper.

Ulladulla had some great businesses that were keen to get behind the Scavenge and support through donations. Massive thanks to Treehouse Cafe Ulladulla who supplied the Scavengers with coffee vouchers to exchange for trash collected. We also had a number of prizes up for grabs, here’s a rundown of those prizes and the prize winners.

Tallwood Eatery - Most Litter: Dee with 425 pieces of trash.

Ulladulla Yoga & Aerial Strength - Most Cigarette Butts: Sienna with 525 cigarette butts.

Ulladulla Yoga & Aerial Strength - Most Coffee Cups: Ryan, Archie and Finn with 8 coffee cups.

Ulladulla Dive Adventures - Most Straws: Chloe with 14 straws.

Ocean Grind Ulladulla - Most Plastic: Kim with 153 pieces of plastic

Ripcurl Ulladulla - Weirdest Item: Micha with the big old TV

MilkHaus - Farthest Scavenged: Alanna who scavenged all the way from Bomaderry

To everyone that participated, we hope you’re enjoying your new, yet pre-loved items purchased with your trash tokens! The second-hand market is a core element of the Scavenge, as it’s about reducing waste on all levels. HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their goods!

Seaside Scavenge wants to plant a seed of environmental nurturing in you. This involves thinking beyond waterway litter and focusing on litter prevention. In short - create less waste. Be creative and think of all the different ways you could cut down on your own consumption.

If you want to be more involved with what we do here at the Scavenge you can get in touch about organising a corporate workshop, school talks or university presentations. Here’s the link to contact us.

We love hearing from you. We’re always looking for volunteers & donations as well so please don’t be shy! Send us a message to find out more.

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Oceans of Gratitude

Joshua Holliday