Second Time Lucky In Port Stephens

Port Stephens! Thanks for having us, we were so stoked that the weather showed up for us on our second attempt at running the Scavenge in Robinson Reserve, Anna Bay. On the 13th of April, thanks to our keen Scavengers, we were able to remove a total of 146KG of trash from the area. 83KG of Waste and 63KG of Recycling!

Port Stephens Council supported Seaside Scavenge in setting up the Anna Bay event and it was our first time visiting the area. Sea Shelter was down in the park with us educating the community about single-use plastic and the alternatives available as well as showcasing their marine life conservation program. We were so stoked to have the opportunity to connect with the Port Stephens Community. There were 46 registrations and over 90 participants that took part!

Big shout out to all our committed Seaside Scavenge volunteers for offering their time to help clean the beach and park. We couldn’t have done it without these legends.

The Seaside Scavenge removed a lot of plastic and glass bottles from the area and A LOT of broken glass. To our surprise there were not that many cigarettes collected which suggest they may be buried under all the sand. We usually find lots of cigarette butts in the cleanup, especially around broken glass bottles.

We had 4 very talented local musicians playing for us on the day, Brianna, Nick, Nathan and Matt. Thanks a bunch to all these legends!

Port Stephens has some dedicated businesses that are keen to get behind the Scavenge so we had prizes from Little Beach Boathouse, Murrays Brewery, Feet First Dive and Moonshadow Cruises. Congratulations to those who took home the prizes!

To everyone that participated, we hope you’re enjoying your new, yet pre-loved items purchased with your trash tokens! The second-hand market is a core element of the Scavenge, as it’s about reducing waste on all levels. HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their goods!

Seaside Scavenge wants to plant a seed of environmental nurturing in you. This involves thinking beyond waterway litter and focusing on litter prevention. In short - create less waste. Be creative and think of all the different ways you could cut down on your own consumption.
If you want to be more involved with what we do here at the Scavenge you can get in touch about organising a corporate workshop, school talks or university presentations. Here’s the link to contact us.

We love hearing from you. We’re always looking for volunteers & donations as well so please don’t be shy! Send us a message to find out more.

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Oceans of Gratitude

Joshua Holliday