Sustainable Food Made Easy : 5 Apps for a better plate

If you’re like me, you care about where your food comes from. But if you’re also like me Sunday nights can mean supermarket rush hour and a struggle to stick to my lofty ethical grocery shopping ideals. 


People care more and more about how their food has arrived on their dinner table, and are looking for sustainable and ethical ways to nourish themselves. But finding the intel to make informed choices is difficult, and dare I say, often near impossible. 


Food companies are notoriously sneaky with their labelling. The label ‘Made in Australia’ is a classic misnomer – this is no guarantee that the product was made from local ingredients, just that it was put together on Australian soil. Companies that are ‘Proudly Australian Owned’ can proudly use ingredients from anywhere in the world. 


‘Free Range’ labelling is another rabbit hole of misleading information and mistreated animals. A new Australian standard for free range egg labelling was released last year, after various egg producers were collectively fined over a million dollars for using the free range label - even though their chickens never saw the light of day. The new standards only specify that hens have ‘meaningful access to an outdoor range.’ A hazy standard at best. 


This lack of access to information about food production has wider ramifications. Cutting people off from information about their food cuts them off from being able to eat more healthily, support organic and sustainable production, and invest in their local communities. 


So how to navigate this minefield and make informed choices without spending hours googling the origins of every fruit in your marmalade? 


We’ve put together a list of really useful apps that you can use to make smarter choices about where your food comes from. They’re easy to use on the go, even when the aisles are crammed and you’re having a trolley fight with the lady across from you. All your ethical shopping needs solved, with the convenience of a button:

Shop Ethical!

 This amazing app has a frankly enormous database that ranks a huge range of products, not just food, according to their environmental and social records. This is your one stop shop for making better choices about what you’re buying.


Sustainable Seafood Guide

A great little app that ranks seafood as Better, Eat Less, and a big No Go. Lots of great information on how & where seafood comes from, and how it impacts the surrounding environment. My go-to for guilt free frutti del mar. 

In Season

Uses your location so you can buy fruit and veg that’s in season – it even has recipe links so if you come across a weird veggie at the market you’ve got cooking inspiration. 


Fair Food Forager

This is a great little app that links you up with cafes and restaurants serving you up the locally sourced organically grown goods. Support your local businesses and eat sustainably – huge win. 


Aus Farmer’s Market Directory

Although not technically an app, you can use this online map to find all the farmer’s markets near you. Bye bye supermarkets, hello local organic produce!

Anna Jane Linke