A Sunny Sunday in Clifton Gardens

Thanks to the support from Mosman Council we were able to hold another successful scavenge on the weekend, this time down at Clifton Gardens.

On Sunday the 10th of Feb 2019, 44 participants helped us remove over 40kg of trash from Clifton Gardens park lands and beach! We collected roughly 2,500 cigarette butts and over 2,700 little bits of hard and soft plastics that would have otherwise been left in the ecosystem or directly ingested by animals.

Usually only about 10% of participants that attend our scavenges have done a beach clean up before; at this event 12 out of 44 participants (around 30%) were familiar with beach clean up events. This suggests that there are more people participating in beach clean ups and, also, that there’s likely an increase in awareness around environmental issues.

We enjoyed the talents of Tali Rubinstein & Miska - you can check their work on social media! As usual, the live tunes were powered by our bike generator.

On that note, here’s a quick secret: stay tuned into our upcoming Maroubra event where we might be trialing a new kind of power source!

There was an impressive display of local organisations doing their bit to draw attention to marine pollution and what we can do prevent it. We were stoked to be supported by Mosman Youth, Bye Bye Plastics, Boomerang Bags & Harbour Care.

We had some great prizes donated by Taronga Zoo, Ripples Chowder Bay & Spindrift Collections which were awarded to the participants who collected the most trash, most butts, most bottle caps and the weirdest item. Massive congratulations to those who took home the prizes, your commitment to keeping the harbour clean is very appreciated by not only us but the inhabitants of the ocean - turtles, seahorses, octopus, fish, sharks and a whole lot more!

To everyone that participated we hope you’re enjoying your new, pre-loved items that you purchased with the trash currency! The second-hand market is such an important part of the scavenge; not only does it give you an opportunity to reuse pre-loved items but it also makes you aware of whether or not you actually need to buy anything new. Usually you don’t! HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their pre-loved goods and gave them a chance to receive some new love from the Seaside Scavengers!

The Scavenge is about thinking beyond picking up trash and starting to focus on pollution prevention. If you’re ready to be part of the change then purchasing groceries, lunch or anything else with minimal packaging is the best place to start! You can also grab a reusable water bottle, coffee cup & straw. These are 3 of the main litter culprits we always find when scavenging and there are plenty of awesome brands selling them these days.

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Oceans of thanks to everyone involved! See you next time.

Joshua Holliday