65th Scavenge with Wild Winds at Caves Beach

The Lake Macquarie Seaside Scavenge took place at Caves Beach on the 26th of October 2019 - it was our first Scavenge in the area and our 65th globally!. It looked like we were in for a beautiful day although the temperature picked up during the week prior and with that came some hot and strong winds on the Saturday.

Thank you so much to everyone who came down and endured the heat and wind! It was obvious to us on the day that the community had strong roots with a number of local eco warriors coming down in support from near and far! The Caves Beach Scavenge had locals from the area alongside individuals who had come from Maitland, the Central Coast, Peterson and further!

59 participants showed up to the Lake Mac Scavenge which was a good turnout considering the weather! Luckily we were protected down in Caves Beach although up on the headland the wind gusts were no joke! 

We managed to clean up 61kg of litter from Caves Beach - 49.1kg of waste and 11.9kg of recycling. The locals let us know the beach was pretty clean due to the regular beach go-ers doing their bit to #take3 and make sure rubbish that didn’t belong on the beach was removed swiftly.

We had 3 community groups with us which were Take 3, Save Our Coast & Sea Shepherd. We also had 3 amazing musicians who were Brianna, Piper Butcher & Nathan Gleeson. 4 local businesses also donated prizes that could be won at the Scavenge for participants who picked up the most litter, most cigarette butts, most straws and the weirdest item!

Here are the prize winners for the Lake Macquarie Seaside Scavenge:

Most Litter picked up went to Leisha and her family with 268 pieces! The prize is an initial consult + 2 pilates classes from Beachside Pilates.

Most Cigarette Butts picked up went to Simon with 58 butts! The prize is 3 sup hire vouchers from Kite & Sup in Lake Mac as well as a buy 1 get 1 free kiteboarding lesson.

Most Straws went to Teryn with 7 straws whose prize is a free fitness class from Flourish Fitness.

Weirdest Item went to Nick with an old aluminium saucepan whose prize is a gift voucher for Mawson Resto in Caves Beach!

Good work to everyone that participated! We hope you’re enjoying your new, yet pre-loved items purchased with your trash tokens! The second-hand market is a core element of the Scavenge, as it’s about reducing waste on all levels. HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their goods!

Seaside Scavenge wants to plant a seed of environmental nurturing in you. This involves thinking beyond waterway litter and focusing on litter prevention. In short - create less waste. Be creative and think of all the different ways you could cut down on your own consumption.

If you want to be more involved with what we do here at the Scavenge you can get in touch about organising a corporate workshop, school talks or university presentations.

Here’s the link to contact us.

We love hearing from you. We’re always looking for volunteers & donations as well so please don’t be shy! 

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Joshua Holliday