Summerama'ing in Bronte

Here at the Scavenge HQ we’re feeling absolutely stoked after a successful day of scavenging down at Sydney’s Summerama with Waverley council.

104 participants took to Bronte Beach on Sunday 20th of January 2019 to clean-up over 60 kg of waste, over 2,500 cigarette butts and to top it off we found a message in a bottle! Yes, someone sent their new years resolution off in a bottle out to sea, fortunate for us it made it back to the beach. Here’s to a new years full of awareness and compassion between family & friends 💙

Out of these 104 participants 71% had never been to a beach clean event. Typically 90% of participants to a Scavenge have never done a clean-up, so it’s awesome to see that so many Scavengers in the east are already keeping their eye out for mother nature!

Live tunes were powered by our bike generator as always. We enjoyed the talents of Portia Hackett, Ari Levy and Dom Diaz - check these legends out on social media if you appreciate good music!

There was an impressive display of local organisations doing their bit in Sydney to draw attention to marine pollution. We were stoked to be supported by Responsible Runners who do regular clean-ups at beaches all across Australia and who started the Responsible Cafés program! Check them out to find where the next clean-up is happening near you or where your closest café is that provides discounts for BYO cup customers.

We had AWESOME prizes from the Three Blue Ducks, Haikoo Massage and Float, Advanz Health & Sukha Mukha to award the hard working participants who collected some of the most trash, most butts, straws and the weirdest items! Congratulations to those who took home the prizes, we really appreciate your commitment to cleaning up our coastline.

To everyone that participated we hope you’re enjoying your new, yet pre-loved items purchased with your trash tokens! The second-hand market is a core element of the Scavenge, as it’s about reducing waste on all levels. HUGE thanks to all the people that donated their goods!

The Scavenge is about thinking beyond waterway litter and focusing on prevention. So for anyone looking to be part of the change, purchasing groceries, lunch and anything else with minimal packaging is the place to start!

Finally we could not have had such an epic day of good feels and change making action without the help of the below organisations active across Sydney doing amazing things, check them out:

~ Plastic Free Bronte

~ Transition Bondi

~ The Ocean Action Pod

~ The Wilderness Society

~ Taronga Zoo Sydney

~ Responsible Runners

~ Take3

Oceans of thanks to everyone involved!