KPMG and Seaside Scavenge partner to help keep Balmoral Beach clean!

On April 12th, 25 KPMG Australia employees joined us at Balmoral Beach and helped clean up the beach. Over the course of 2 hours, they scoured 11kg of litter, 5kg of recycling and more than 600 cigarette butts

Cigarette butts, plastic bags and food & beverage containers are some of the common forms of pollution found in the oceans. While Balmoral Beach is actually one of the least polluted beaches we’ve cleaned up, it’s still baffling that so much litter can be found in the sand (and surrounding areas).

Cigarette butts in particular, are pesky ones. One butt can contaminate the surrounding 50L of water with toxins and microplastics (since they are made of tiny tiny pieces of plastic), which then attracts further toxins. Basically a toxic bomb waiting to happen! So a massive kudos to all of the volunteers for preventing 600+ of these disgusting items and helping protect marine life around Balmoral!

Seaside Scavenge volunteers helped run the day and did some Q&A, giving all attendants a chance to ask questions and learn a bit more on how to tackle plastic pollution in particular. We hope the team at KPMG found the event insightful and worth their time.

We are really thankful to KPMG Australia - and Sarah Langborne in particular - for their supporting of Seaside Scavenge and for the energy they brought with them on the day. We had a blast and hope we can welcome you again in the near future!

Know someone who would like to sponsor a fun corporate event like this one? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know!

Melissa Siu