The Fair Food Foragers

We’ve all been there.

Your stomachs empty, unfamiliar streets are splaying out around you and all you want is to put your dollar towards some nutritious and ethical food.

That’s why Paul Hellier founded Fair Food Forager, an ethical eating app that finds the local hangouts priding themselves on sustainable business.

Paul says, “It’s about making those values such as ethical eating an easy decision to make. So users can quickly find the nearest place, support a business that is trying to be better, and then have an impact with where they spend their money.”

Not only will it alert you to eco-businesses surrounding your location in Australia, but across the UK, New Zealand, Indonesia, the US and many more. They’re growing rapidly, and since their recent app upgrade there’s even more businesses to find, so check it out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.14.28 PM.png

No matter what you hold close to your heart with ethical eating, Fair Food Forager has 13 different icons indicating the café, restaurant, producers, grocers or caterers practices of:

  1. Reduced Food Waste/Composting

  2. Reduced Plastic Waste

  3. Local Produce

  4. Ethically Produced

  5. Cruelty Free/Vegan

  6. Charitable

  7. Chemical Free/Organic

  8. Fair Trade

  9. Fair Work

  10. Gluten Free

  11. Homemade

  12. Sustainable Seafood

  13. Vegetarian

Even better, Fair Food Forager have met the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency to become a registered B-Corp . Basically, the cream of the crop in fair trade business!

Inside and out they’re oozing goodness, so give this sprouting Aussie brand a hand to reach its vision of changing the way the world eats by making ethical easy, and start putting your dollar where it counts.

Come hear from Paul this Saturday 17th February, he’ll be presenting at our Coogee Seaside Scavenge  from 1-5pm and hanging around for all the chats.


Anna Jane Linke