Going Global in Cape Town

It was with an immense amount of stoke that we hosted our first legit international Scavenge at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town on Monday. Couldn’t have asked for better weather, lekker vibes and inspiring people!

We had over 100 people roll through the sorting station with 184kg of trash, including 76kg of recycling. Thanks to the crew at Clearer Conscious the recycling was collected and the rubbish disposed of by local government.

The lekker vibes were carried on with the live tunes from Kristian and Laura, Ron Minor, Zingara and Leigh Hondy.

We heard from Sarah at Shark Spotters who do an epic job watching over the coastline for sharks and raising awareness for their protection. Megan from Believe In Shatzi shared the background of their work supporting and educating young local kids. Diony from Ocean Pledge roamed inspiring participants to commit to change their consumerism to save our seas.

There were all sorts of weird and wacky things that rolled through, including shower caps and jars of beetroot juice. Bread tags were numerous, as were lollypop sticks. But as always the most prominent item was cigarette butts – over 6,161 were picked up. Riaan managed to collect 1700 and has scored a 250R voucher for Joon.

It’s not just plastic waste that we’re aiming to get people thinking about,but clothing and textile waste that often ends up in the wrong places.  A massive thanks to all the people who cleared their cupboards and donated a total of 157kg of pre-loved clothes and books, and to the legends at Nude Foods and The Hive for accepting them for us. 

As with most of our Scavenges we had thirst quenching beers from the Striped Horse up for purchase with 20 pieces of litter. These generous folk also fed our hardworking volunteers. So a massive thanks!

We could not have pulled it all off without the hands and help from the legends from the Beach Co-op Aaniyah, Mariah and Lisa, a dedicated bunch of volunteers and funding from Australian Ethical!

Massive thanks to everyone who was involved… Looking forward to the next one!




Anna Jane Linke