Hitting the West-Coast!

The rain played games with us all morning but that didn’t stop the community of Rockingham coming out in impressive numbers to clean-up their coastline. All in all our first West-Coast Scavenge supported by City of Rockingham was a success.

Over 3 hours there were at least 148 scavengers out and about on Saturday who collected a total of 191kg of litter. This included 3,812 cigarette butts, 2,178 pieces of soft plastic, 516 glass bottles and much more!

Participants could exchange 10 pieces of litter (once sorted and separated) for trash tokens to use in the pop-up market which was stocked with over 240kg of pre-loved stuff from the local community. 20 pieces scored them a beer, wine or soda at Latitude32.

The competition was strong amongst our scavengers to score one of the many epic prizes donated by local businesses. Our biggest prize was for a tandem skydive valued at $369 from Rockingham Skydive. We’re very pleased to award this to Eraine and his young family for heading out on bicycles to scavenge in the dunes north of Bell Park.



Dunes and shrubs are often a haven for trash. Although at first glimpse it looks spotless, once you get down on hands and knees and lift up those bushes you’ll only be surprised. They collected upwards of 631 pieces of litter, most of which was soft plastics.

We had a plethora of weird items from giant light bulbs to floats, but the oddest and by far saddest item to have ever come in through the Scavenge sorting station was collected on Saturday; a dead sting-ray with fishing line coming out of its mouth.

It’s one thing to know about the damaging effects of plastic pollution, it’s another to see it first hand killing our marine creatures. Ben and his kids put the sting-ray back where he’d found it (sans-plastic).

 Picking up litter is important but what’s more important is stopping it at its source. That means opting for reusable/less packaged items. Martin and the legendary folk from Lulu’s Café did their bit by offering customers with reusable cups coffees for just $3!

It’s awesome to see businesses and locals alike getting behind the reduce and clean-up movement, and there’s no shortage of that happening around Rockingham. Volunteers from the Naragebup Environment Centre, Penguin Island Volunteer Program and the local Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Group came along to share what they get up to in the center and how to get involved.

And in true Scavenge style we had a line-up of Perth-based musicians who kept the good vibes rolling. Shout out to the melodious harmonies of India Bradshaw, the bouncing beats of Travis Green and the toe-tapping tunes of Callum Vincent.

Oh and before we wrap it up, thanks to all those people that took fantastic photos of the day. It was a challenge choosing the best snap of the day (as you can see below). But we just love Trent’s commitment to get the stray chocolate wrapper over the fence…

A massive thanks to all the green-team volunteers for enduring the wild wind and rain to sort through litter, manage the market and help the people. Without your hands we couldn’t have made it happen.

Thanks for the warmest welcome Rockingham, we hope to see you next year!



Anna Jane Linke