Wall Up Bondi - #banthebag

If you missed it last Sunday (June 4th) the Surfrider Bondi crew rallied the troops to challenge ocean pollution with the best vibes and fun to be had by building sandcastles.

There are between 8-13 million tonnes of trash dumped into our oceans every year! Most of which consists of single-use plastics such as plastic bags that are used for an average of only 7 minutes!!

The plan on Sunday was to build a sandcastle wall that spanned Bondi beach to protect our oceans from plastic pollution and call out local government, such as Gabrielle Upton, on this issue.

Plastic-bags are ONE thing that we can do something about here in NSW. It’s up to the leaders of this country to look beyond their 3-year term and start making decisions based on the longevity of the planet’s health and the humans that inhabit it.

Banning the bag is one of these decisions that must be made!

We cannot ignorantly and idly bundle along in life without addressing the ways in which our everyday actions impact the world around us.

So it was with big smiles that more and more people joined the chain of sandcastles on Sunday from 8am. There were hands from fellow organisations such as Take3, Responsible Runners, Transition Bondi as well as Seaside Scavenge which is always a pleasure to see and be part of!

The best part was the Sunday morning strollers, not knowing what was happening who eagerly took up post next to a big pile of sand and got working once they cottoned on to the #banthebag message.

And that’s just it; people are behind it! Yes it can be an inconvenience, but only if you let it be.

Most of us have hands or pockets, so use them! Especially if you’ve only got a couple items to carry. Don’t wrap your veggies in plastic, just put them in the basket and wash them at home… God knows they definitely have more pesticides on them than any germ you could catch from your average shopping trolley.

An enoooormous thanks to the Bondi organisers. Finger's crossed the message was heard!

If this is something you care about, change your behavior but also change the mind of your local leader. Hit them up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, any medium with a short message, it’s bigger than signing a petition because it comes from you.

Or, join Boomerang Alliances Thundercap today, which will automatically share the same post on all our accounts at 12pm today to #BANTHEBAG!



Anna Jane Linke