Debuting the Scavenge in Townsville

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather during our first Townsville Seaside Scavenge as part of Ecofiesta! The sun was shining and everyone was feeling energetic and motivated to help clean up Townsville! No coffee needed…okay, maybe just a little ;)

Our first participants trickled in bright and early, and cleaned up around the park. We were surprised how many little pieces of rubbish could be found around these beautiful areas such as Queens Gardens! Everything from straws to waxed take-away cups, and plastic food wrappers were found. One young man, Daniel, cleaned up 51 cigarette buts just outside the park! Because of his good work, he has won himself a snorkel trip with Adrenalin Dive!

Some participants were keen enough to go far and wide! We had two people travel up Castel Hill, where they collected 184 items! Later in the day, another group came back from the north side of Pallaranda Beach… Epic effort guys! These two groups were rewarded for the furthest scavenged, and most litter! We hope they enjoy their dive trip with Pleasure dive and the unlimited yoga pass with Lighten up!

Straws are one of the most common items found in the ocean and on beaches! To help keep them from getting to our precious marine environment, another young man, Rayden, collected 13 straws from the surrounding parklands. Great job! For this, he won enough tickets for himself and his mates to check out the Cowboys match at the end of the month.

In total, 48 coffee and ice cream cups were cleared from Townsville parks, beaches, and Castle Hill! One woman, Shelly, contributed to most to this count! Thanks to her, Townsville is just a little more squeaky clean! Shelly has been rewarded $100 from Bulk Foods Sources!

 We also had many kids take plastic free pledges on the day! Many people were excited to limit their single use plastics which is awesome to see. Especially with Plastic-Free July around the corner, we hope everyone is gearing up with jars and tactics to cut back next month.

A big thanks goes to all our sponsors and volunteers! It was truly and epic effort! Also, a big thanks to Townsville City Council, the team at Reef Check Australia and Tangaroa Blue for being part of the action! Can’t wait to see you next year!

RCAvolunteers - 12.jpg

This event was hosted by Reef Check Australia and Seaside Scavenge and supported by NQ Dry Tropics through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Additional support through Townsville City Council.

Annie Bauer