Taking it Riverside!

Our first Riverside Scavenge took place on Saturday and let’s just say some places are harder to crack than others…but crack em’ we will!

We had 40 souls scavenge the riverbeds and parks of Kangaroo Point for litter. Mark Harvey was down there from 5:30am collecting trolley after trolley of everything from giant chunks of foam to nappies to old brollies. Overall we managed to total 72.57kg of litter, which included 18.83kg of recycling.

Even though the number of scavengers wasn’t high, the quality was well there. We had people from all over but the best part was that for over 90% of them it was their first cleanup. But what’s even more important than cleaning up is the experience.

When it comes down to it, we could all cleanup for the rest of our lives and unfortunately it wouldn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Daily, we’re just producing too much waste. What needs to change is the way we view waste and to come to terms with our individual responsibility to not produce it where possible.

It’s a massive challenge, we know. But that’s why we’re doing it together! Each and every scavenger that comes and gets their hands dirty sees first hand the straws, the coffee cups, the plastic bags, the plastic bottles and the butts… If collectively we can reduce our use of these items in particular that’s a pretty wicked start!

And start we will. Mel Glover was absolutely stoked on the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary prize and set out collecting butts to ensure her cuddly creature experience… Well Mel your butt hunting paid off; amazing effort with 485! Thank you.

There were some funky snaps taken, but there was no looking past Moose getting some love in the Scavenge frame. These legends saw us from the ferry and came to check out the Scavenge vibes. Thanks to @James.Wyld and his lady friends for picking up a whole heap of trash!

It was tough going awarding these prizes with Mark’s hours of cleaning efforts. We’re unbelievably appreciative of his contribution, but we wanted to give the biggest haul to two new keen beans in the cleanup world, Natalie Davis and James Martin. They scavenged their hearts out for the most butts prize but with Mel around there was no chance. Buuut they did an unreal job collecting 267 pieces of litter overall, and have won themselves an annual double pass to the Gold Coast theme parks.

Riverlife Brisbane jumped behind the Scavenge by donating a couple double passes to get involved with any of their adventures. So we’re stoked that Dominique Macedo snagged the most coffee cups, @James.Wyld grabbed the best snap and Mark scavenged the farthest cause now they can lap up some river ventures with a mate!

Max Rattier and his lady pal did a pretty wicked job. They didn’t even want to put their name to their tally but we got them in the end. They thankfully picked up a whole heap of plastic bottles which has earnt them a private Gondola ride on the Wheel of Brissy for 6 peeeps!

Some funny items rolled in on Saturday but there were no stand-outs so we thought this awesome 5 x pass to Harlow Hot Yoga would be much appreciate by the two lovely ladies in the frame with Moose as they did use him to sniff out butts!

It was a dandy day all-in-all. The weather man got it wrong, sun there was. Accompanied by one epic crew of volunteers that popped their Scavenge cherry and the music was top notch as always. Huge amounts of love and thanks to Asha Jefferies, Clare Cowley and Tay Oskee for their contribution, and must say special thanks to Asha for her patience with our temporary bike generator mal-function… it happens!

The no-sew reusable bag workshop was a pick of the day thanks to Caitlin from Wild Search Byron Bay. Leah-Jane Musch, aka The Unmaterial Girl shared her tips on how to live the slow fashion lifestyle. And of course the Pineapple Hotel for donating those thirst quenching schooners for the scavengers that needed a refreshment.

Last but not least, thanks to all the people that generously donated they’re second-hand threads, we had 107kg on the racks, and a bunch of it has traveled south for this weekend's Newcastle scavenge. So thank you, thank you, thank you. We’re looking forward to a bigger and better one next time Brissy, stay peeled for us!!

Check out snaps here.

Anna Jane Linke