Wrapping up 2017 Scavenge Style

We’ve been dodging rain forecasts left right and centre this week! Firstly for our Corporate Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, then for the Jack Johnson concert Thursday and on Sunday the weather turned it on big time for the 24th Manly Ocean Care day and our last Scavenge for the year!

This time round we teamed up with the folks from Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team and Responsible Runners. They kicked the day off with a group clean-up from 10am-11am and had 44 extra hands help collect 13kg of litter including 2,053 butts.

It was such a pleasure to be at the Beach there with these guys and other groups such as Take 3, Two Hands Project, SO Manly and many, many more, showcasing to the public exactly how we can change the future of our oceans.

Over the course of the Scavenge we had more than 85 people register to scour the sands. It was a pleasant surprise to see that overall we collected less litter than last year’s Manly event, with just 49.5kg of waste including 10kg of recycling, and less butts!

Butts are a hot litter item at the beach, always! Unfortunately we still collected a lot! A total of 3,132 was scavenged in 5 hours. It was tough competition for the most butts collected. Our counting jar reached the limit when Carleen filled it with 350 butts, which has scored her a brewery tour for four people to 4 Pines Brewery.

Throughout the day we had guest visits from Captain Plastic on the southern stage testing our plastic-pollution knowledge with bouts of heads and tails trivia! We were also treated to the tunes of Portia Hackett and Mishka on ukulele and harp! Clearly, quite the day to be at the beach?!

We had received over 89kg of pre-loved clothes, books, DVDs and more set-up in our pop-up seaside market.  10 pieces of litter would score you a trash token (the currency in the market) and 20 pieces would score you a Stone & Wood Beer at Hotel Steyne Manly… Massive thanks to all the people, Luke from Stone & Wood and Amelia from the Steyne for donating and co-ordinating!

Most of the litter collected was primarily small stuff like micro-plastics, pieces of cardboard & paper, butts and Styrofoam balls. Everyone that participated can be very proud that over 7,000 pieces of litter were collected yesterday and halted in their tracks from entering the ocean.

Taronga Zoo sponsored the event with a 4 pass family pass to the Zoo for the person that collected the most litter. There were some very impressive efforts put in on the day, but little Evie and dad, Stuart and Mum collected the most with 533 pieces! We hope you enjoy your adventure and see some favourite animals!

As always there was a plethora of bizarre stuff collected from the beach with everything from a complete bicycle wrapped in seaweed to 10s of meters long receipt… But we decided the oddest to be an Invisalign mould collected by Todd! We hope you’ve got 3 keen mates to take along to 4 Pines Brewery for a tour and some tasting!

A massive thanks to the organisers of Manly Ocean Care day, Robynne and the rest of the Manly Environment Eco Centre… We can only imagine how much effort it takes year in, year out to pull this off! So thank you for having us along!

Aaaand of course, the volunteers in green without whom the Scavenge wouldn’t exist. We had a big bunch of these legends who generously donated most of their day to sort litter, induct our participants and help them in the market. SO thank you!

And that’s a wrap for 2018! A total of 10 Scavenges; 2,500+kg of waste, over 28,000 butts with the help of over 1000 hands! Can’t wait for our events to kick off the New Year down in Mornington Peninsula… See ya next year Scavengers!

Anna Jane Linke