5 Brilliant Businesses Drumming-up Cash for the Scavenge!

We’re just 7 days out from our first Corporate Fundraiser event and we can’t deny the butterflies are fluttering. There are 5 Sydney-based businesses that have taken on The Scavenger Hunt opportunity, to help us raise funds for a new set of wheels to Scavenge all over the country.

We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say there’s going to be a fair amount of recycling know-how put to the test, some peddling power required and even a needle and thread involved.

We would like to introduce the 5 brilliant businesses participating on Friday 20th October at Coogee:

1.    Crestone - https://www.crestone.com.au


Crestone Wealth Management provides wealth advice and portfolio management services to high-net-worth clients and family offices, not-for-profit organisations and financial institutions.

They pride themselves on having a collaborative and connected workplace. Between the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane office there are 170 employees who have worked with one another for an average of 10 years!

Unfortunately we can’t cater for all 170 of them, but we’re excited to have 5 of the Crestone crew joining us for the Scavenger Hunt.

2.    Mackay Goodwin - http://www.mackaygoodwin.com.au/


Mackay Goodwin is a leading advisory firm specialising in Corporate Recovery, Turnaround & Restructuring, and Real Estate Advisory.

They’re a dynamic team with innovative expertise and experience who deliver on complex problems faced by multiple stakeholders to small business issues.

There’s no disputing the dynamic presence of Mackay Goodwin, especially as they’ve submitted two teams to participate next week!

3.    CBS Interactive - http://www.cbsinteractive.com.au/


CBS Interactive is leader in online content network for tech, gaming and entertainment. 

Based in the US with sister companies dotted all over the world, including one here in the heart of Sydney.

We’ve seen the creativity flow from this lot with some of the most original fundraiser ideas… Definitely looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table on the 20th. 

4.    Google - https://www.google.com/about/


We all know who Google is and more or less what they get up to.

The Google Australia branch lives up to all the tales of creating a cutting-edge and green work environment for its employees.

4 Google-ites will be put to the test next Friday, to see just how enviro savvy they really are!

5.    The Developing Clean - http://www.thedevelopingclean.com/


The Developing Clean is an Online Store that provides simple, sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle products for everyday use.

The Developing Clean is a Sydney founded social enterprise that donates 10% of their annual profits to clean initiatives.

These guys have a big space in their heart for plastic-free living, so we’re looking forward to having them down in Coogee to spread the re-use love.

As with all our Coogee events, we have the support of the legends at the Coogee Pavilion where we'll be hosting the awards ceremony upstairs in Wylie's Shed, and hearing from the one and only, Huw Kingston. Huw is the man behind the first plastic water-bottle free town, Bundanoon!


We hope these teams are getting clued up on all the recycling facts, warming up their muscles and all round thinking in terms of re-use and upcycling…because there’s only one Trash Trophy to be won.

Let the countdown begin!

Anna Jane Linke