We like to get together, organise markets, pick up trash and listen to music. 
We're a passionate group of people who love more than anything to see our
beaches clean, our rubbish recycled and to groove along to toe tapping beats whilst we do it.

We live in a world where single-use plastics like coffee cups or take-away
containers are a daily necessity... But do we really need them?

Is it ok that every piece of plastic ever produced is still on the earth in one form
or another, mostly resembling that of micro-plastics?

Let's break that down, every water bottle, piece of packaging, chip packet, plastic
bag you have ever used will be here for hundreds if not thousands of years
to come.

We are a community of thinkers who like to question the fast-pace world we live in and slow it down, just a little, to appreciate the small things. 

The people that give their time, their clothing and their talents to make the Seaside Scavenge possible are the people that share these views.
We realise that it is our everyday choices that can change our future.


Seaside Scavenge was born from a mix of simple ideas, to be nursed by brilliant minds and raised by hard work. What was once a small clothes swap and beach clean is now a project that has grown and inspired communities to take a step towards cleaner coastlines and waterways.




Projects like these start like seeds -- they need to be planted, nourished and cared for by many to ensure they grow into beautiful things.  

If you've got any ideas to help the Scavenge flourish further come along to an event and let us know or just get in!